Red Radishes: How to Cook with the Summer Salad Essential


Red radishes are the crunchy and peppery salad drawer essential.

The vibrant red jewels with a crunchy white interior pack a distinctly hot punch as well plenty of crunch making them perfect for enlivening salads, garnishes, sides and that's not to mention their tasty green tops!

Red Radish Nutrition

What's more, red radishes are rad when it comes to their nutritional credentials too. Eaten raw they're packed with vitamin C, folate, fibre and potassium. Like many radishes, Red radishes benefits include aiding digestion thanks to their active enzymes.

Black Radish vs Red Radish

Radishes are said to have been grown before the pyramids were built and come in an exciting array of colours, shapes and sizes, including black radishes. Black radishes tend to be larger and more pungent than red radishes despite having a similar nutritional profile and can be used in naturopathy.

Red Radish Recipes

Radishes can be enjoyed raw, pickled, sauteed, roasted, braised and even fermented.

Crunchy Crudite

Try the quintessential French crudité by enjoying individual red radishes served with cold butter and dipped in coarse sea salt. Or, if you want to add some extra "je ne sais quoi" try Daniel Humm's famous Butter Radishes served at Nomad in the recipe on Honnestly Yum.(pictured below)

Top tip: Dunk your radishes in iced water for 20 mins beforehand to crisp them up.

Enliven Salads
Red radishes sliced into thin rounds perk up salads with a simply citrusy salad dressing. Try this recipe for radish salad with meyer lemon vinigrette.

Or simply blitz them into soup, try this recipe for chilled radish buttermilk soup.

Go mad with the Greens

And don't forget about the green tops! they can also be put to good use in cream soups, purees, pesto, and in gratin dishes and quiches. Try this recipe for a pungent radish greens pesto.

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