Mayo Ice Cream Splits the Internet



In a move no one really asked for, an ice cream shop in Scotland has created a mayo ice cream that has since gone viral, both disgusting and intriguing the internet.

Kyle Gentlemen, who runs Ice Artisan Ice Cream in Falkirk, is known for flavouring his ice cream with out there flavours like Strongbow cider and even energy drinks, and being a big mayo fan decided to simply mix some mayo into a batch of vanilla ice cream.

His creation has since gone viral, with the unusually flavoured ice cream, which he describes as “creamy and smooth,” reports The Independent, splitting (pun intended) the crowd on social media.

@pepper_sierra on Twitter said she’d “rather die than try mayo ice cream,” while @Sketchy described it as a “logical progression” from dunking fries in ice cream as a kid.

Gentlemen says “people actually enjoy it once they try it” and that the reaction to his invention has been overwhelming.

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