Mauro Colagreco Captures Mirazur in New Cookbook



“A blank menu changes every day with the landscape. Sea, garden and mountain in 365 seasons” Mauro Colagreco

Having racked up a decade with Mirazur, Mauro Colagreco, decided it was time to put pen to paper. The time had finally come to write his debut cookbook, in honour of achieving a full cycle with his award-winning French Riviera restaurant.

The long-awaited read, published in June, takes the same name as the 2 Michelin starred restaurant, and invites readers into Argentine-Italian chef's magical culinary universe from the top down. Giving those that have been and those that haven't yet been, a moment to appreciate this unique culinary destination on the French-Italian border.

Set in a picturesque location at the foot of the Alpes-Maritimes nestled amidst lush gardens with panoramic sea views, Mirazur's cuisine is defined by its landscape and the interaction between the sea, the mountains, the colours and aromas of the gardens and the stillness of the horizon. All captured with photographs by friend Eduardo Torres, of the dishes, the restaurant and its unparalleled setting,

As well as giving away some of the restaurant's recipes, Colagreco also introduces the reader to the artisans and producers that form part of his everyday life and a key role in the restaurant. From Giuseppe and his boat in San Remo to Ane Marie and her family of shepherds.

As the chef says, it is a magical union between the French savoir vivre and the Italian bella vita, turning each dish into a unique creation where divisions disappear and everything is balanced in his unique "border cuisine.”

So if you haven't yet dined at Mirazur, perhaps this could be just the push you needed and discover why it sits at #3 on the World's 50 Best Restaurant list!

If you can't wait try this exclusive recipe from Mauro Colagreco showcasing earthy mushrooms: