Gluten Free in Rome: 7 Great Places To Eat Sans Gluten


It can be tough to travel when you suffer from a gluten sensitivity or intolerance. Those who are celiac and need to stay away from gluten shouldn't fear traveling to Rome. In fact, there are more and more restaurants, bistros, ice cream parlors, bakeries and bakeries offering good and gluten-free dishes and products all around the city.

With that in mind, we've put together a guide so you can know where to eat gluten-free in Rome and power up after all your sight seeing.


If you ask someone where to eat gluten free in Rome, the first answer will certainly be Mama Eat. At this restaurant, which does not skimp on quality at all, they asked themselves: why can't celiacs eat the same dishes as regular Romans eat?

Hence, Mama Eat has two kitchens, separated to avoid any contamination. Diners are treated to full Trastevere dishes of both Roman and Italian tradition, such as Cacio e Pepe or pasta with clams.

In addition to a plethora of pastries, there are also pizzas, sandwiches with grandma's meatballs and, above all, desserts. Not plain-tasting puddings, but real fried donuts. And, speaking of fried: when you want it, do not worry. A stone's throw from the Vatican is another Mama Eat that specialized in fried and street food.

What: Mama Eat
Where: Via San Cosimato, 7/ Borgo Pio, 28 Roma
Info: Sito


What if you are invited to someone's home for Sunday lunch? You should swing by Napoleoni pastry shop, of course. Bignè, Babà, cakes, biscuits, small pastries, biscuits, croissants (which they call cornetti, not brioche). In this bakery you can find all the sweets you want, without sacrificing taste, texture and company.

What: Pasticceria Napoleoni
Where: Via Appia Nuova, 592 Roma
Info: Sito


Do not call it sandwich, ever. When you enter this small, very small and delicious local eatery in Via Rione Monti, what you will eat will be a Rosetta, not a simple gourmet sandwich. And each of them bears the name of a rose (thanks to the shape of its bun): there's a Peggy Rockfeller with ham, parmesan cheese and grilled aubergines to a Paloma with capocollo, pumpkin flowers stuffed with ricotta, basil pesto, and walnuts.

The menu of rosettes features seasonal favorites like prosciutto and figs. You'll also find salads rich in flavors. Like the Nada: spinach, smoked salmon, pink pepper, fennel and orange. Now, take everything you have read and put it to good use. And, note of merit, being out there is a real pleasure during the summer.

What: Zia Rosetta
Where: Via Urbana, 54 Roma
Info: Sito


At this restaurant you'll find a seasonal menu, lots of vegetables, a nod to vegetarians and vegans, and a wide choice of gluten-free dishes. Pantha Rei is a Roman trattoria that also offers pizza. The focus is on the customer and on quality. The right tools, dishes inspired by tradition, and a good wine list make this well-appointed restaurant an excellent alternative for those who do not eat gluten. It's usually populated with tourists thanks to its central position next to the majesty of the Pantheon.

What: Pantha Rei
Where: Via della Minerva, 18 Roma
Info: Sito


July in Rome is the most infernal month of the year. To defeat the heat the best way is to enjoy one of the cool treats scattered around the city, along the banks of the Tiber: the grattachecche, the cocomerari, the gelato. What to do if you want to enjoy a nice cone at lunch or after dinner? The answer is Croquembouche. In the Eur area this place makes gluten-free ice creams to combat the hot season. There's 100% Arabica ice-cream, tomato sorbet, carrot cake and classics like pistachio of Bronte and crema are just some of the flavors that can be put on a cone. All delicious and without gluten.

What: Croquembouche
Where: Viale dell’Arte, 42 Roma
Info: Sito


Restaurants and pizzerias are fine, but where to buy everyday things like bread? Celiachiamo is a chain of shops specializing in gluten-free, you can find dozens of breads, pizzas, white pizzas, focacce, and so on and so forth, come out every day. The guys at the counter will be happy to explain everything that intrigues you and, above all, the baked goods that come out from there are exceptional. The quality of the food is amazing given the difficulty of producing a good texture with flours that do not possess gluten. The bakery is closely linked with the AIC - Italian Celiac Association.

What: Celiachiamo Forno
Where: Via Carlo Caneva, 40 Roma
Info: Sito


A multipurpose place, big and that does everything to put into practice the idea behind the table: that of sharing. This is a renovated farmhouse with beautiful exposed beams near the Nomentana, ideal for large families, dinners with friends and for those with children. Basically here we eat two things: pizza and bruschetta. Not the usual bruschetta, nor much too gourmand, but real food porn also in gluten-free version. From the two separate open kitchens you can see how the cooks work. Pizza and bruschetta, potatoes and sausage. Who would want anything else?

What: Manforte
Where: Via Giovanni Zanardini, 39 Roma
Info: Sito