7 Summery White Wines to Cool You Down


Summer in here, and this is the best time of the year to sip chilled white wines. Here is a vinous survival kit for the upcoming hot months.
7 Summery White Wines to Cool You Down

Sunscreen SPF 50, swimming, ice cream, sand between your toes and a bottle of chilled white wine: that is summer. When air conditioning just doesn’t do the trick, there is no better way to cool yourself than with a nice bottle of cold white wine.

The ideal summer wine is all about freshness, and I’m not only talking about the serving temperature. Acidity is king! You always want to look for a balanced wine, but when the mercury rises, it’s entirely ok to go a bit overboard with the acidity. Look for white wines from cooler climates or grape varieties that are known to deliver crisp acidity and vivacious flavour profile.

Here are a few recommendations for summery whites to cool you down: discover our list of white wines to try this summer.


This well-structured single vineyard Grüner Veltliner comes from Vienna, Austria’s vinous capital city.Grüners can be so powerful at times that you need either time to age the wine or food - or both - to be able to thoroughly enjoy it. This wine also packs some serious character, but at the same time, it’s also elegant and approachable. A wine such as the Zahel Grüner Veltliner Kaasgraben is also very versatile when it comes to food pairings. Just throw this in a wine cooler, put on your sunglasses and get ready to drink a glass, or three.


Portugal is a treasure chest filled with unique grape varieties. If you like wine in any shape or form, day or night, food or no food, Portugal always delivers. Such is the case with this relatively straightforward yet extremely attractive Arinto from Quinta de Chocapalha. Imagine yourself doing absolutely nothing except enjoying a hot summer day with a bunch of friends; introduce this wine into the scenario, and the day will be a guaranteed success.


If you thought that white wine can only be made from white grapes, think again. This German white wine is actually made with Pinot Noir, a red grape variety. The combination of the lively acidity and ripe fruit is downright yummy. Savoury with notes of citrus peel and peach. Kreuzberg Blanc de Noirs is a surprising thirst quencher.


Rías Baixas is one of the greatest white wine regions in the world. Located in Galicia, north-west corner of Spain, this particular region is known for crisp and utterly delicious Albariños. This wine has tongue-piercing acidity with vibrant citrus and pear aromas. Granbazán Etiqueta Ámbar Albariño is a summer wine at its best, especially if you are planning to eat some tasty seafood.


Riesling is probably the most popular go-to summer wine, at least in my house. This universally loved grape variety is suited for cooler climates and produces wines with high acidity. This Yakima Valley Riesling is full of lime and mouthwatering freshness. Charles & Charles Riesling has a touch of residual sugar which gives the wine smooth edges and makes it incredibly easy to drink.


Darling might not be the most well-known wine region in South Africa but if you are looking for excellent white wines, make sure not to forget this name. Darling is located near the coast, approximately 60 kilometers north from Cape Town, where the cooling winds from the Atlantic Ocean play a key role. This wine has summer written all over it. Lemon, pineapple and vivid acidity go a long way when you are trying to get an even tan.


Clare Valley is one of Australia’s top wine regions and a hotspot for Riesling. Your mind might wander to full-bodied red wines when talking about Australian wine, but I assure you, some kickass whites are coming from Australia nowadays. Claymore Joshua Tree Riesling is an excellent example of great Aussie summer wine. It has that licking-an-electric-fence type acidity with fresh citrus and slightly minty aromas focused finish. Pool or no pool, you can’t go wrong with a bright summer wine like this.



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