What to Make with Strawberries: 8 Techniques for Maximising Flavour


Strawberries, the quintessential summer treat. While these juicy ripe flavour bombs are delicious enjoyed fresh from the fields, sometimes you just end up with too many to handle and are left with pondering what to make with strawberries.

So, if you end up with a glut when the season draws to a close, here are some interesting techniques to make your strawberry season last that little bit longer.

Learn how to dehydrate, macerate, roast and juice and caramelise your favourite fruit by watching these 7 simple videos and maximise on flavour and texture in a few techniques you've perhaps not yet tried.

Take a look:

What to make with strawberries

How to Dehydrate Strawberries

It may seem counter-intuitive dehydrating strawberries but this technique really concentrates the flavour. Simply coat sliced strawberries in demerara sugar and place in an oven or dehydrator for several hours on la ow heat until semi- dry and tender. Perfect as a snack, on cereals or in a trail mix with nuts!

How to Macerate Strawberries

Try mixing your fresh strawberries with sugar until they release a delicate syrup. Find the recipe for macerated strawberries over at ChefSteps.

How to Cook Strawberries in the Oven

Learn how to cook delicious slow roast strawberries in this video, yeilding dark burgundy roasty and syrupy strawberries with a super concentrated flavour, perfect with ice cream.

How to make Strawberry Compote

Strawberry compote is quick and easy to make and a perfect fruity accompaniment to your favourite desserts, from cake to ice cream.

How to make Strawberry Juice

If you happen to have a centrifuge try your hand at this wonderfully bright clear strawberry juice, made by centrifuging puree.

How to make Compressed Strawberries

ChefSteps have more ingenious ways to enjoy strawberries with this method for compressed strawberries where the strawberries take on an exciting new texture.

How to caramelise strawberries

Follow Ramsay's' tips for making perfectly golden and caramelised strawberries, perfect with a big dollop of creme fraiche.