Watch: Michelin chefs make the Best Eggs Benedict ... ever


If you've already mastered how to make the perfect poached egg, you're ready for the next natural step - how to make the best eggs benedict!

This classic brunch time favourite of poached eggs coddled in a tangy hollandaise sauce set atop of sliced baked ham on a bed of hot buttered English muffin is so popular, the recipe is said to be at least a century old.

But, let's face it, eggs benedict is not for every day. However, on a hungover day or a holiday or when you need the luxury of eggs and more, made right, this dish really sings.

Here are chefs Wylie Dufresne, Gordon Ramsay and Emmanuel Stroobant to show you how to go from zero to hero when it comes to nailing this brunch-time favourite. If they all seem a stretch to far check out the ChefSteps video at the bottom with failsafe instruction.

Best Eggs Benedict

Wylie Dufresne, of now-shuttered WD-50, shows how to make the perfect eggs benedict, including top tip - "when cooking eggs don't let anything get too hot."

Put a scientific spin on your eggs benedict under the guidance of pioneering British chef, Heston Blumenthal with the unusual addition of beurre noisette in the hollandaise and strict temperature control.

Emmanuel Stroobant's recipe comes with a few twists, including replacing the muffin base with toasted brioche and a good drizzle of balsamic vinegar!

If you want to keep it classic follow our friends over at ChefSteps who have all the beginner's tips you need to nail eggs benedict ... every time: