Top Chef Says Chefs Should Do More for Vegans


One of the UK’s most successful chefs says chefs should learn to accommodate vegans better and those that don’t, risk getting left behind.

Jason Atherton, who’s 17-strong restaurant empire includes the Michelin-starred Pollen Street Socialin London and The Clocktower in New York, has worked under the famously anti-vegan Gordon Ramsay, as well as Ferran AdriĆ  .

But Atherton, who admits to The Telegraph he initially thought veganism was a “pain in the arse” for chefs, has now even introduced a vegan tasting menu at Pollen Street Social.

“The more people mock it, the more they’re excluding themselves from a growing society demanding vegan food,” says the chef, who used to head up Ramsay’s soon to close Maze restaurant in London. “Chefs need to be more accepting, and if they’re not, they’ll be forced to. If restaurants don’t cook for customers, they won’t go back.”

Atherton says the key to longevity as a chef is to “keep yourself relevant,” which means embracing movements such as veganism, though he is far from the only chef in London to offer a vegan tasting menu.

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