S.Pellegrino Young Chefs Cook at Sapori Ticino 2018


S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino 2018 welcomed a talented trio of top young chefs to Restaurant Seven, Lugano for a spectacular dinner showcasing their creative talents in a unique five-course menu at this edition's spectacular "Young Chef Night."

Resident chef Claudio Bollini was joined in the kitchen for the occasion by rising talents, Edoardo Fumagalli (S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 finalist for Italy), David Wälti (S.Pellegrino Young Chef Switzerland finalist), Diego Della Schiava (in the final in the Switzerland competition in Zurich) and colleague, Damiano Bonomi.

Each of the Young Chefs rose to world fame in the biggest talent search to find the best young chef under 30 in the world in their respective regions. Fresh from the Grand Finale in May, they were able to put aside friendly rivalry for the evening to join forces and showcase their signature dishes as part of the spread of exclusive S.Pellegrino dinners in Ticino, Switzerland.

Whilst the prestigious food and wine festival in the Swiss canton attract Michelin stars, the event is equally designed to attract younger and encourage young chefs who could become the future culinary greats.

Young chef night offers the perfect opportunity for rising talent to shine while showcasing their signature dishes which wowed their respective local juries on competition night.


The evening's gastronomic journey began with the winning dish from 26 year old Italian, Edorado Fumagalli, from Michelin starred Locanda del Notaio in Italy. Crayfish carabiniere, sweetbreads glazed, crispy algae with aromatic salad were served to an expectant audience in a dish that Italian chef and juror Anthony Genovese had commented was, " a classic combination."

Next on the menu was a fillet of Swiss salmon trout with vegetables (below), the dish that earned David Wälti the title of Young Chef for Switzerland. A dish using local ingredients from the chef from Eisblume restaurant in Worb, Switzerland.

Swiss finalist, Diego Della Schiava, a force to be reckoned in the kitchen of The View Lugano,created an unusual risotto with percebes and datterino powder for his signature dish.

Percebes or Galician goose barnacles are crustaceans that live on the cliffs in Galicia, known for their intense taste of the sea and very dangerous method of harvesting. Watch how they're harvested here.

Meanwhile, host chef, Claudio Bollini, served a loin of lamb with purple potatoes, panko, pistachios and apricots: in a traditional dish with a contemporary twist.

And to finish, Damiano Bonomi, pastry chef of La Locanda del Notaio was out to impress with his decadent dish of chocolate, hazelnuts and caramel.

The menu was accompanied by wines from Tenuta Luigina (with Ronco dei Profeti 2016 being served with the meat dish), and Tamborini Vini, including SanZeno Bianco Mosaico 2016, Rosé Osé 2016 and the legendary Tinto Forte.