Dandelion Greens: How to eat these Peppery Spring Leaves


Spring encourages a new lease of life when it comes to fresh shoots and leaves, but perhaps there are still some freshly sprung greens which you haven't yet tried - dandelion greens.

These peppery leaves can be easily overlooked as the leafy weeds that grow between the cracks in paving in your back yard, but given a chance they can be a surprisingly tasty addition to your salad drawer.

What's more, while the bitter leaves are tasty for eating as well as being full of iron, dandelion roots can be used for medicinal purposes and its flowers harvested for wine. Now we're talking!

Dandelion Greens Benefits?

Dandelion leaves are low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals as well as being high in fiber, vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C.

How to Eat Dandelion Greens

Both the dandelion roots and leaves can be used in an interesting array of dishes and drinks, from salads to sauces, soups, smoothies and beyond.

In fact, dandelion leaves are also good for sautéing and steaming as well as mixing into casseroles, cornbreads or quiches.

Meanwhile, dandelion root can be steeped in water to make herbal dandelion root tea.

Dandelion Leaves Recipes

Try Nourished Kitchen's wonderful sounding recipe for wilted dandelion leaves with bacon and toasted mustard seed which looks like a totally delicious and original way of harnessing the delights of this spring green.

Image: Nourished Kitchen