A First Look at Noma Vegetable Season


When it was announced that the newly revamped Noma 2.0 would be splitting its culinary calendar into three distinct seasons, seafood, vegetables, and game and forest, it was perhaps the middle of these three that provoked the most interest.

Seafood and meat/game are safe bets, but what could the ever-inventive Noma team do with vegetables centre stage? It could be spectacular; on the other hand it could not.

Well vegetable season has just got underway at the Copenhagen restaurant – they offer either a vegetarian or vegan menu – and via the lens of social media, we can see exactly what RenĂ© Redzepiteam have been working on there.

Perhaps the most intriguing dish is a celeriac ‘shawarma,’ which looks just like a real meat shawarma, with truffles, which is then shaved off onto a plate and served with greens, currants and apple.

There’s also a cake that looks like a pot plant and a pumpkin curd served with a walnut mole with grasshoppers and barbecued rose petals.

Take a look at some of the dishes below