Watch Alain Ducasse in Japan


Alain Ducasse spends a good proportion of his time travelling the world, in fact he has 23 restaurants around the globe, but his heart belongs to one particular country, apart from France of course, and that’s Japan.

The French chef, widely considered to be one of the best in the world, is a big fan of the lightness of Japanese cuisine, especially since he has sought to make his own cuisine healthier and more plant-based.

The film below follows Ducasse on one of his many trips to Japan – he has two restaurants in Tokyo – as he visits producers, hooks up with chef friends and of course eats at as many great restaurants as he possibly can. He also demonstrates how to cook some of the ingredients he encounters.

Ducasse’s number one passion is travelling the world searching for the best possible produce; in fact it’s the focus of a new film called The Quest of Alain Ducasse, which follows the chef over an 18-month period, as he heads to places such as Brazil and China in search of the perfect ingredients.

You can watch the trailer for that movie further down, but first take a look at Ducasse in Japan. It clocks in at around 45 minutes, but is worth watching through to the end for a real insight into what makes one of the world’s best chefs tick and how his passion for ingredients is stronger than ever.