Japanese Hospital Food Looks Incredible!


If you’ve ever had to spend more than a few hours in hospital, you probably dreaded meal times. It’s not the fault of hospital catering by and large, often they’re working with very limited budgets. Friends and relatives can come in handy for food runs of course.

But Japanese hospital food is a little different, if these pictures are anything to go by. They were taken by Imgur users Hahahah1111111 and more recently jenkinsinjapan (no relation), two non-Japanese women who gave birth in Japanese hospitals in Naha and Mito respectively.

It’s apparently standard for women to stay in hospital for four days after giving birth in Japan, and by all accounts most of the cost of these meals was covered by insurance. Not that every meal in Japanese hospitals looks like this of course, but even meals half the quality of these would be far from the soggy sandwiches and lumpy mash we’ve come to expect.

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