How to Cut Iberico Ham


Iberico ham, or Jamón Ibérico, the meat from specially reared, acorn-fed pigs, is a great Spanish delicacy, and the way the meat – which has deliciously rich and nutty qualities – is sliced can really enhance the texture, flavour and aroma.

That’s why Cortadoras, the ‘ham slicers,’ can be paid thousands of dollars for their work.


So what’s the best way to slice Iberico ham to get the most out of this extraordinary product? Oscar Gaitan, a professional ham slicer, has a few tips for how to cut Iberico ham in the video below from Munchies, from precise technique to the necessary equipment.

As Gaitan demonstrates, the ham pieces have got to be just the right size so that they melt in the mouth, one of the most enjoyable characteristics of good Iberico ham, and the knives must be kept razor sharp, so they do all the work and you don’t end up hacking at the meat.

Cutting Iberico ham is a skill that requires plenty of practice of course, but as a crowd pleaser, bringing out a full leg of Jamón ibérico ready to be sliced is hard to beat.

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