French Chef Creates Vegan ‘Foie Gras’


More and more chefs at top restaurants are willing to cater for vegans or those who like to follow a vegan diet at least some of the time – not everyone feels like Gordon Ramsay!

For French chefs foie gras is sacred, but one classically trained French chef has created a vegan ‘faux gras’ that he says is even tastier than the real thing.

Alexis Gaultier, who runs Gaultier Soho in London and is a recent convert to veganism, has created a recipe based on mushrooms, lentils and walnuts. The restaurant currently offers both a vegetarian and a vegan tasting menu alongside meat and fish, with the latter having been awarded Best Vegan Menu at the PETA Vegan Food Awards 2016.

Below you can see what goes into the vegan ‘foie gras’ – to us it looks like a very tasty vegan pâté, but is it comparable to the real thing? We’d certainly be willing to give it a try and find out, though this is far from the first 'faux gras' on the market.

For more information on ethical foie gras – the real thing – click here.