Ferran Adria's New Food Lab to Open in 2019


Ferran Adrià will finally open his long awaited food lab, elBulli 1846, on the site of the famous elBulli restaurant in Roses, Spain sometime between July and October 2019.

The project, named after the number of dishes Adrià estimates were created at the restaurant, had been stalled by enviromental concerns, given the site's location within the Cap de Creus Natural Park.

The Spanish chef had wanted, initially, to open the research and exhibition space within three years of closing the three-Michelin-star elBulli in 2011, but it had been on ice for some time until work started again on the scaled down project in 2017, following the granting of full planning permission.

Adrià has previously told Eater that the project would involve the creation of a 43,000 square foot musuem dedicated to "the spirit of innovation at elBulli," which would welcome a maximum of 200 visitors per day, alongside space dedicated to professional cooking, study and research.


ElBulli is not the only mammoth project occupying Adrià currently: the first of 35 volumes of his huge gastronomic enycyclopaedia, Bullipedia, was released late last year, while he's also been involved with creating a brand new restaurant concept in Turin, Italy

Watch Adrià speak about the relationship between food, drink and the contemporary world in a revealing new interview below.


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