Burrata Salad: 4 Seasonal Spins on Heavenly Burrata


A fresh Burrata salad is a thing of beauty - a simple and delicious ode to the Queen of Italian cheeses.

If you're wondering what burrata is, it's the creamy decadent sibling to mozzarella with an unrivalled rich and buttery interior.

The unique creamy tangy notes of this prized cheese also offer the perfect balance to sweet peaches, citrusy oranges or an effective way of offsetting the acidity of fresh tomatoes in delicious burrata salads.

Here are some ways of putting a lighter spin on burrata this summer.

Burrata Salad Recipes

Tomato burrata salad 

Keep your burrata salad simple and enjoy the most classic of pairings - burrata and sun-ripened tomatoes with a splash of extra virgin olive oil, and freshly ground sea salt, and if you're feeling really decadent, a scattering of bottarga.

Try this recipe for heirloom tomatoes with burrata from Epicurious.

Burrata and Peach Salad

Celebrate the arrival of summertime peaches by making a burrata and peach salad - a perfect light lunchtime choice.

You can pair burrata with slices of fresh juicy peaches, or try adding a smokey edge by grilling the peaches first in this recipe for grilled peach and burrata salad.

Beet and Burrata Salad

Try this stunning salad with a difference from Xavier Boyer showcasing baby beetroots, spicy green meat radishes and white creamy burrata at its finest. Find the recipe for burrata salad with beetroot and radishes over at the Great British Chefs.

Burrata and Blood Orange Salad

Or, if you love citrus, try this stunning recipe for vibrant blood oranges set against the white backdrop of pillowy burrata.

Great British Chefs have the recipe.