15+ Dishes from Brazil's New Two-Michelin-Star Restaurants


Finally, over three years after the inaugural Michelin Guide to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil has more than one, two-Michelin-star restaurant, in fact, it now has three.

Chef Alex Atala’s much lauded D.O.M. restaurant in São Paulo, currently number three on the Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants list, has held two Michelin stars in all of the four Guides. Now two new restaurants have joined the club, both helmed by Brazilian chefs: Tuju (Ivan Ralston) in São Paulo and Oro (Felipe Bronze) in Rio.

Ralston, like Atala, celebrates native Brazilian produce, with simply plated dishes underpinned by solid technique honed at restaurants such as Mugaritz and El Celler de Can Roca. In Rio, you’ll find Oro mark two, where Bronze has shifted his culinary philosophy in favour of fire and the grill, in a new space in the Leblon neighbourhood.

Enjoy dishes from both restaurants below. All images courtesy the restaurants.
Cauliflower acarajé
Duck egg, wild porcini mushroom soup, toasted pine nuts and jabuticaba fruit vinegar
Marinated mackerel, celery, onion and trout roe
Cold peanut soup
Artichoke flower, Serra da Canastra, lemon purée and dill 
Ant and bottarga surf and turf
Sea urchin, squash, almond oil, seaweed and key lime
Rangpur lime pie
Tannia (Brazilian tuber) mochi
Sapodilla flour and baba cake, roselle infusion and peach ice cream