Watch: Michelin Star Chefs on How to Cook Fresh Crab


In our "Michelin chefs cook" series we hone in on everyday ingredients like potatoes and onionsmade to shine by Michelin chefs, right through to luxury ingredients left to do the talking in their expert hands.

When it comes to seafood we've seen Magnus Nilssen and Raymond Blanc teach us how to cook fish , scallops perfected by Björn Frantzén and the likes of Heston Blumenthal and Daniel Boulud show us how to cook lobster. Next up, its the turn of another sea food favourite, crab.

There are over a staggering 4000 varieties of crab around the world, from the 25lb Alsaskan king crabto the spindly-legged spider crab and fleshey, Dungeness and blue crab, meaning there's alot to learn about this popular crustacean.

While the delicate sweet white flesh and more flavoursome brown meat are a reward worth persisting with when picking a crab clean, it can be a little intimidating to know where to get started for the uninitiated.

Below, we put you in the safe hands of six Michelin-starred chefs who demonstrate how to cook a fresh crab in different ways, highlighting the versatility of this seafood delicacy, from perfect three Michelin star plating to a simple crab salad.

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First up, British chef and seafood fan, Nathan Outlaw from two Michelin starred Restaurant Nathan Outlaw in Cornwall's Port Isaac makes a fresh and simple Cornish Crab, kohlrabi and seaweed recipe with a crab viniagrette.

Next up, two-Michelin star chef Andoni Luis Aduriz from Mugaritz, creates a characteristically complex fresh crab with macadamias and pink pepper recipe playing on the texture of the crab meat:

Indian chef Atul Kochar cooks deep fried soft shell crab with a gentle spiced background (the easiest and most stunning recipe he's ever made!) with mayonnaise.

Meanwhile, chef Mikael Jönsson prepares a warm crab dish of three different kinds of crab meat at Hedone in London, with an avocado cream and a pistachio mayonnaise (with cooked duck egg whites and pistachio oil) and a mandarin puree.

Michelin star chef Richard Davies from the Bybrook restaurant at the Manor House in Castle Coombe creates a stunning fresh crab salad recipe with his own twist with chili and pineapple.

And last but not least, we had to show this video of Ramsay tackling the might of the monster king crab in Norway, first by catching it and then cooking up its tasty legs in seawater, served with a creme fraiche mayonnaise.