Top Critic Slams Gordon Ramsay


Famous food critic Jay Rayner has launched a scathing attack on chef Gordon Ramsay, calling him a "sad, inadequate man" who he says glamorises bullying in kitchens.

Rayner, who is one of the UK's leading critics, hit out at Ramsay on Twitter in repsonse to a recent compilation clip showing some of Ramsay's worst meltdowns on Kitchen Nightmares – basically him lettting rip at people running restaurants with both barrels.

Rayner had this to say in response to the clip:

His tweet has been liked over 4800 times, with many people in the industry agreeing with Rayner, some arguing it could be the reason there is a chef's crisis. Rayner also told Munchies that the clips were "antiquated and out of date, and are just not where kitchen culture either is or should be going ... footage of Gordon Ramsay at whatever point in his career, and whether it's done for the camera or not, shouting at people like that is just not helpful. Plus, it just makes him look like a tosser. You're only cooking tea, you're not saving people's lives.”

However, others have leapt to Ramsay's defence, saying he's right to be angry about dirty kitchens and sub-standard food, or arguing that his angry persona should be taken with a pinch of salt.

A number of chefs have recently spoken out about why the angry chef persona is no longer acceptable in today's top kitchens, including chef Daniel Clifford, who says that winning his second Michelin star turned him into a monster in the kitchen. 
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