This Chef’s Notebook is Water and Greaseproof


There are plenty of waterproof notebooks out there, but a new product might be the first designed specifically for chefs.

The Stone, which is currently available through Kickstarter (it smashed it’s target within 24 hours) for £17 ($24) has been “developed with the input of more than 40 Michelin-starred chefs,” say the makers, who collectively have worked in dozens of restaurants around the world.

What makes it unique is the perforated pages are made from ground limestone from quarry off cuts, making it water and grease resistant, meaning everyday kitchen stains like butter, oil and wine can simply be wiped off without smudging what’s been written.

It also has a useful conversion chart, a sharpie holder and hidden magnets to keep it stable. It’s encased in a vegan leather cover to up the durability and sustainability points too.

We’re struggling to see a downside to this product, but take a look at the video and let us know what you think over on our Facebook page.