The Internet is Trolling Gordon Ramsay's Pad Thai


You may remember a while back we highlighted an old clip from Gordon Ramsay's F Word show in the UK in which he gets absolutely roasted by a Thai chef for his take on pad Thai.

Well the clip has resurfaced on Twitter over the last few days and the public are loving giving Ramsay, who likes to give crap to people in the kitchen and online, a taste of his own medicine.

An edited version of the clip was shared by Twitter user Sydnee W. and has since had over three and a half million views, with over 78,000 retweets. As you can see from the comments, a selection of which we've embedded below, people are loving the shade the Thai chef throws at Ramsay when the latter presents his dish.

It's not just that he doesn't like it, he says it can't even be called a pad Thai, and the face he makes is priceless. It's not often you get to see Ramsay given a dressing down like this.

No word from the British chef yet, but we're looking forward to his come back – if he has one.

Watch the full clip further down.