S.Pellegrino 'Journey of Water' – Eating Bubbles


The third and final dinner in a series to celebrate the launch of S.Pellegrino's 'Journey of Water' project during Milan Design Week 2018, for which different designers have reimagined the famous S.Pellegrino label, saw Italian chef Davide Oldani create a menu around 'Bubbles.'

The eight-course menu (below) picked up on the theme of bubbles presented by French designer Philippe Nigro, as his contribution to the Journey of Water project.

"Which is the most immediate image that people have when thinking of S.Pellegrino? The Bubbles, of course. So, I wanted to play with this iconic symbol," says Nigro.


  • Olive oil grissini
  • Caramelized hazelnuts with salt
  • Bignè, blue cheese, fruit compote and toasted seeds
  • Foie gras in sphere
  • Poached egg, asparagus and lavander
  • Rose and Rice
  • Veal in crust with salt and candy rhubarb
  • Chocolate "Bubbles"

The Oldani dinner follows similar dinners from chefs Matias Perdomo and Daniel Canzian, who were inspired to create menus around the themes of clouds and the filtration of water through the earth, as imagined by designers Neri&Hu and Steven Haulenbeek respectively.

Journey of Water is a collaboration between S.Pellegrino and Italian arhitect Giulio Cappellini, who is known for his mentoring abilities and personally selected the designers involved.

Following Milan Design Week, the project will be toured around the biggest events on the global design calendar.