S.Pellegrino 'Journey of Water': Earth Dinner


A new project from S.Pellegrino, entitled ‘Journey of Water,’ sees three design studios reinterpret the famous S.Pellegrino label to each represent a different stage of the cyclical journey of water.

The designers – China's Neri&Hu, the US's Steven Haulenbeek and France's Philippe Nigro – have been handpicked by revered Italian architect Giulio Cappellini, and this week, as part of Milan Design Week 2018, each limited edition bottle has been launched with a special dinner at Cappellini’s Milan base, for which top local chefs have been tasked with creating a menu inspired by the designs.

The first dinner saw Contraste’s Matias Perdomo create a four-course menu inspired by Neri&Hu’s cloud design, featuring Parmesan foams, coconut souffl├ęs and a bloody scene right out of Pulp Fiction.

For the second, chef Daniel Canzian of Milan’s Daniel Canzian restaurant created an eight course meal picking up on the theme of ‘Earth’ explored in Steven Haulenbeek’s design – an inverted pyramid of lines flowing in and out of the famous S.Pellegrino red star to represent the filtration of water through the earth.

“Earth is matter. Matter is substance. Earth is born, grows and takes its shape thanks to water. One equates and depends on the other,” says Canzian of his inspiration for the menu, entitled ‘Towards Purity.’

Below you can see the menu from the dinner, with notes from Canzian. The third and final evening will see chef Davide Oldani team up with designer Philippe Nigro for a dinner centred on 'Bubbles', before ‘Journey of Water’ is toured around the biggest events in the global design calendar.


Chicche and bon bon opening

Steamed egg with specks of golden onion
A dish whose elements change with lightness: the egg, form and shell of life, becomes solid thanks to the steam, which transforms

Pan bagnat

A dry bread, soaked in tomato sauce. Water enriches the elements of the earth: tomato, in liquid form, transforms bread into a dish, rich in its taste and aromas.

Hydration ... from lost bread to cappuccino

Dry bread, no longer edible, comes back to life thanks to broth. The broth is water enriched by raw material offered by earth.

In open countryside

Asparagus, fruit of the earth, seasonal vegetables, acquire taste and scent thanks to new flavours, such as mayonnaise, tomato sauce, parsley chlorophyll and cuttlefish ink sauce.

Rice ... a land of water

Rice is earth, matter, which would not exist without water. Risotto, which is the same, is transformed into a refined dish thanks to cooking water.

An ‘aquapazza’

The snapper conquers taste thanks to water, “crazy” water! Made as tradition with olives, tomatoes, rosemary and basil, the water lives a journey, as from the earth to the sea, it finds a new taste and a new life.

Chocolate ball tribute to ‘Arnaldo Pomodoro’

The sphere is matter, it contains the ‘earth’ and thanks to the liquid element, its sauce, it changes shape and substance. The solid and liquid elements blend and create a new taste in the mouth.

Left to right: Steven Haulenbeek, Giulio Cappellini and Daniel Canzian.