Perfect Food Pairings: Asparagus


Nothing says spring has arrived quite like asparagus! Here are our best asparagus food pairings to enjoy the tender stems at their finest.
Perfect Food Pairings: Asparagus

Are you looking for new ways to prepare this lovely spring vegetable? Asparagus is versatile as it is delicious, and can be cooked in a number of ways or even eaten raw.

Asparagus can be white or green. The green variety is rich in asparagine and consequently, its flavour is more intense with a nutty aftertaste. White asparagus is milder in taste with a slightly bitter finish and it has to be peeled before consumption. Its white colour depends on the fact that during its growth it is covered with soil to prevent the production of chlorophyll. When growing wild, asparagus has a more pungent flavour. Therefore, it is important to choose the right variety for the dish you intend to prepare.

Here we have a number of delicious asparagus food pairings, with tips on how to combiine the flavour of this spring vegetable with other ingredients in the preparation of some amazing dishes.


- Asparagus and dairy produce. Asparagus is excellent served with any type of dairy product, such as cheese (particularly Grana Padano or Parmigiano), butter and any sauces containing dairy produce or cream.
- Asparagus and eggs. A great classic? Green asparagus, eggs and truffle. These ingredients are so ideally suited because they both have a grassy note, while truffles have hints of onion that are also to be found in asparagus and, to a lesser extent, in eggs. The real secret is that asparagus, eggs and truffle all share sulphurous notes.
- Asparagus and guanciale (pig cheek bacon), bacon or raw ham. The ideal way to proceed is to make these ingredients crisp by gently frying them. You can use raw or cooked ham to wrap little bunches of asparagus in. In this case, the pairing is achieved by contrasting savoury and sweet flavours. By adding egg, you have the recipe of traditional “asparagus carbonara”.
- Asparagus with prawns, fresh crab and scallops.


- Asparagus and zabaione. One of the boldest pairings comes from the past. According to a custom that is widespread in the countryside of Veneto, asparagus can be accompanied with a “sabayon” of eggs whisked up with sugar and dry white wine. The flavour of boiled asparagus blends harmoniously with the sweet and fatty creaminess of this egg-based sauce.
- Asparagus and strawberries. In a salad dressed with balsamic vinegar, salt and olive oil.
- Asparagus and dill. As the ingredients of a salad in which grassy notes prevail, based on dill, mustard, sesame and nutmeg.
- Asparagus with liquorice and tarragon. Because the slightly mentholated notes of liquorice and tarragon enhance the sweetness of asparagus.
- Asparagus and pine nuts, roasted almonds or peanuts. The flavour of asparagus regales an aftertaste reminiscent of dried fruit and nuts. Consequently, it is not surprising that it reveals a certain affinity with almonds, especially the roasted variety.
- Asparagus, chocolate and raspberry. A daring trio which works thanks to the presence of floral notes recalling the fragrance of roses, perceivable in both asparagus and raspberry.


Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo seduces the palate with his Gnocchi asparagus and calamari. Daniel Boulud, steams his asparagus and pairs it with mint and lemon. Asparagus, black olive, goat’s curd, crispy seeds and nuts is a recipe signed by Tristin Farmer, head chef at the Mazein in London, which is a perfect example of a pairing between similar molecules. Gordon Ramsay loves this ingredient and teams it up with the flavour of anise in his Shaved asparagus and fennel salad or just as it is in the classical pairing ingredients of a Frittata asparagus, bacon and goat cheese. One of the cult dishes by Mauro Colagreco is Asparagus salad, yoghurt sauce and vanilla flavoured acacia honey, while Niko Romito serves Cuttlefish on asparagus.