Farmlife: From Farm to Table


Tempted to live off-grid, make seasonal jam in your own homestead, grow and eat your own vegetables and generally harness a more sustainable lifestyle?

If the good life sounds like a good thing to you, inspiring new book "Farmlife, From Farm to Table and New Country Culture", is the book that could well seduce you to do all this and more.

Infact, the indispensable new guide, published by Gestalten, teaches novices how to live with nature and make living a self-sufficient existence a reality instead of a pipe dream.

Pickling, canning, foraging, mushrooming, growing fruit and veg and more ... are just a few of the practical jobs given a voice by chefs, foragers, beekeepers, farmers in the book's narrative. Each shares their inspiring story along with recipes that should ultimately help help people see how to re-connect with food.

So, if you're looking for a lifestyle change, even if you're not ready to take the final leap, you can always take baby steps, and start living a little more sustanably, wherever you are.

You can buy the book here.

Take a look inside the book: