What's In Season In March?


Finally, March has come around. Which means spring is just around the corner and, along with warmer temperatures, there will be a wider diversity of produce at the farmers’ market.

So what’s in season in March? You’ll find luscious leeks, fresh asparagus, spring peas, colorful radishes and mushrooms, among other winter staples like root veggies and citrus.

Here’s a look at what’s in season in March so you can start planning what to cook this month:


One of the joys of eating artichokes is discovering their natural sweetness. Enjoy them steamed, stuffed, fried or whipped into a creamy dip.

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Finally, asparagus season is upon us! There is so much you can make with this tender vegetable: risottos, soups, salads, crostini, frittatas and so much more.

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Whether red, orange or yellow, don't miss out on beets this month. Their natural sweetness makes beets ideal for everything from smoothies and salads to soups, pickles and more.

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Whether mixed into a creamy risotto, tossed into a salad, pureed into soup or sautéed into a frittata, mushrooms are a wonderful addition to any meal of the day.

They are very low in calories (a cup contains just 27 calories!) and also offer a nice boost of vitamin D.

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A cousin to onions, leeks offer a more subtle flavor to dishes like soups, savory crepes and roasts.

The green part of this vegetable is usually discarded. To clean: simply slice the white root in halfand soak in a bowl of cold water. Rinse, dry and use as you prefer.

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Sweet, versatile and utterly delicious, peas add a lovely burst of color to any dish. Use them to perk up rice dishes, noodle dishes, quiche and more.

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Oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruit are still in season. Use them to make everything from a refreshing lemonade to marmalade, glazes for meats and desserts.

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Take your pick from different cabbage varietals that are in season: black cabbage, white cabbage, red cabbage, savoy cabbage and kale (yes, it's part of the cabbage family).

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