Man Makes Super-Sharp Knife Using Kitchen Foil


We love great knives at FDL HQ and we spend a lot of time highlighting some of the best knives in the world, from NASA inspired designs to the legendary knives of Bob Kramer, we’ve highlighted some pretty sharp designs throughout the years.

Our latest find comes from Kiwami Japan - a YouTube channel decidated to the art of building knives from scratch, with rather strange materials.

In the latest video posted on the site, the craftsman produces a knife from a roll of aluminum foil, yes, a roll of foil becomes a slick, shiny and sharp kitchen knife.

The video shows a long process of transformation which is actually quite unbelievable to see as the maker transforms the foil step by step.

Turning it up to a whole new level of weird, the channel also features a video of how to make a knife from pasta.

A beautifully sharp wooden knife.

And this expertly crafted knife made from chocolate.