Discover the New Food Words in Merriam-Webster's 2018 update


Merriam-Webster has updated their 2018 dictionary with a new batch of 850 words and definitions, including a number of new food words.

While we might find these words already form part of our everyday vocabulary, in order to win a place in the dictionary they must be used: "frequently, meaningfully, and in a widespread area."

Infact, the ever global language of food has served well in this Merriam-Webster edition where they identified that "the richest source of these newly adopted foreign-language words has been the world of food ..."

While some of the new additions will come as a surprise, in the sense they aren't already included, here's a taster of some of the egg free, funky, fermented spicy, hot and garlicky words that have made the grade, highlighting foods that have found recent global appeal.

How many are new to you? see the list below:


At FDL we discovered the magical qualities of chickpea water, aka aquafaba, a couple of years ago when we found out it's perfect for making eggless meringues as well as other vegan cooking.

This cold beverage mix of iced tea and lemonade by golfer Arnold Palmer was a new one on us.


This hard, white, crumbly and salty Mexican cow's milk cheese looks worth a try.


Remember those small particles that get left at the bottom of the pan, ideal for making into sauces? That's the fond. It's something S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018, Falko Weiss knows all about as he'll be showcasing it in his signature dish this year.

Try this recipe for showcasing fond with a rich pasta and duck confit.


This North African spice made with chillies garlic, coriander and caraway is a great way to add smokiness and spice to dishes.

Try this simple eggplant salad with harissa recipe that lets the smokey notes sing.


We're not sure how this popular Greek yoghurt sauce with garlic and cucumbers didn't make the cut until now! Discover how to make this zingy sauce in our tzatziki recipe here.


We've long since discovered the charms of this petite Japanese pumpkin with luxurious sweet and velvety flesh. Find out more about how to cook kabocha.


This trendy fermented and effervescent tea drink has been hard to ignore in the past months, also attracting health fans for its probiotic qualities.

If you fancy home brewing, try using a kombucha kit.


For the braver palate, this pungent and gooey dish of fermented soybeans is usually eaten with rice in Japan.

Discover more fermented foods here.


These popular lunchtime bowls of small cubes of raw fish in a zest marinade orignally hail from Hawaii but have made a name for themselves around the world.

Find out more about this exotic fish salad here.


Always a popular bar favourite this dipping sauce of melted cheese and chopped chilli peppers has finally found a place in the dictionary.


Think of a fresh and light unoaked chardonnay. Essentially any wine that hasn't seen the inside of an oak barrel.


This versatile blend of sesame seeds, sumac, thyme and salt is a great addition to the spice cupboard - perfect for adding zing to bread, salads, meats, fish and poultry, it's no wonder it's been springing up in supermarket aisles and now in the dictionary. Discover more Middle Eastern spices.