100+ Best Classical Restaurants in Europe 2018


Opinionated About Dining's annual list of the 100+ European Classical Restaurants has dropped, revealing French restaurant Régis et Jacques Marcon in Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid at number one.

The father and son chef duo came up trumps with their thee Michelin starred restaurant in the south of the country. Meanwhile Switzerland's Hotel de Ville in Lausanne came in second with chef Franck Giovannini at the helm following his friend and colleague chef Benoit Voilier's sad demise, while Troisgros (see their dishes here) in Ouches, France followed up in third position with Michel Troigras, who was also named best chef in the world 2018 by Le Chef.

France dominates the list while Italy is reasonably well represented, the UK takes just over a modest 10 percent, as does Germany, with Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London appearing first at no.37. The Nordics remain comparatively absent with only Søllerød Kro in Holte, Denmark appearing on the list.

What is Opinionated About Dining (OAD)?

OAD is a survey based ranking system that allows diners to vote for their favourite dining places.

See the top 20 below, and for the full list click here.

Top 20 Restaurants in Europe

1. Régis et Jacques Marcon, France

2. Hotel de Ville - Benoit Violier, Switzerland

3. Troisgros, France

4. Auberge de Vieux Puits - Gilles Goujon, France

5. Waldhotel Sonnora, Germany

6. Restaurant Bareiss, Germany

7. Alain Ducasse- Louis XV, Monaco

8. L’Ambroisie, France

9. Les Prés d'Eugénie Michel Guérard, France

10. Dal Pescatore, Italy

11. Schwarzwaldstube, Germany

12. Cheval Blanc, Switzerland

13. Pierre Gagnaire, France

14. Restaurant Guy Savoy, France

15. Le Cinq, France

16. Pic, France

17. Lameloise, France

18. La Vague d’Or, France

19. Patrick Guilbaud, Ireland

20. Bernard Loiseau, France