What's In Season In February?


Have a craving for fresh produce but not sure what's in season in February? Let us help you discover more than a dozen fruits and vegetables you can cook with this month.

From radishes and fennel to parsnips and sweet potatoes, you'll have no trouble finding delicious eats in February. Here's a list of 15 vegetables and fruits that are currently in season across the United States.

Brussels sprouts are rich in vitamin C and vitamin K, not to mention a wealth of minerals. This cruciferous vegetable is delicious in a variety of preparations: roasted, sautéed and even used in soups or breakfast dishes.

Learn how to make a Brussels sprouts quiche.

Nutritious, sweet and incredibly versatile, sweet potatoes are a gift of the season.

Blend them with butter and pecans in a delectable casserole, enjoy them mashed with milk and cinnamon or as crispy chips dipped in a creamy avocado spread.

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This aromatic bulb adds oomph to fish, chicken and meats. Fennel is also delicious shaved freshand tossed into salads.

Some of our favorite ways to use fennel include tossed with radicchio and gorgonzola and combined with lobster and orange.

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Butternut squash is another tasty winter vegetable to keep on your shopping list.

It is amazing roasted but butternut squash also performs well in soups, pasta fillings and even desserts.

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Everyone's favorite starchy vegetable is in full bloom this month.

From mashed potatoes with cream cheese to crispy roasted potatoes with chanterelles and classic latkes, there are countless ways to get creative with spuds.

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Citrus offers that burst of color, flavor and energy we all need during the winter.

Enjoy lemons, oranges, limes and grapefruit fresh or made into juices, salad dressings, healthy desserts (like the one pictured above) and decadent treats like lemon bars.

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This cruciferous vegetable is a winner in winter. There are plenty of creative ways to use broccoli: a power smoothie, sautéed into a Chinese stir fry, tossed into a cheesy casserole and much more.

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Beets are a joy to eat thanks to their sweetness. Plus, there are the perfect pairing for salty cheeseslike feta. But there is so much you can do with this hearty veggie.

How about some beetroot cupcakes? A zesty smoothie? Or a gourmet lobster salad?

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Want to know what else is in season in February? Check out this nifty infographic from Cookie and Kate: