Has The Saltbae Gone Too Far?


Has America gone to Salt Bae's head? The infamous meat man, known for his trademark scattering of salt in which he bends his arm to mimic a flamboyant swan, has been receiving some puzzled responses to his latest Instagram video.

Shown below, SaltBae or SaltSwan, whichever you prefer, is seen cooking up the usual cut of steak, in fact, the video seems like every other video posted by Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, until the end that is.

After cooking the meat in his usual manner, he sets about layering it with thick American cheese, "could you imagine dropping $500 on a meal just for him to stuff Kraft Singles in your steak?", wrote one user in response to the odd choice of meat seasoning.

It's filmed inside Gökçe's latest restaurant in New York which has been savaged by the local critics. Steve Cuozzo, from the New York Post, dubbed the restaurant “Public Rip-off No. 1". There's also reports that the social star's approach to salting food could well violate New York health regulations, he was pictured recently without the trademark bling on his wrist and wearing tight black gloves while sprinkling.