Lasagnera is your Oven's New Best Friend


If the winter months call for rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck into some serious baking, there's a treat in store for you this season, and it's called the Lasagnera.

Picked up by the New York Times, this is the new stainless steel oven dish with lid from the century-old Italian manufacturer Lagostina, that has all your seasonal baking ambitions covered.

The reputable family company, based in Italy's northern Piemonte region, has culminated years of producing quality kitchen equipment with their inherent tin plating expertise to create a new line of kitchenware called Patrimonio.

Lasagnera, forms is an integal part of the elegant range and looks set to be not only your oven's new best friend but a perfect complement to your home baked lasagna ... and not only.

While its name obviously suggests a dish best suited to producing irresistible layers of oven baked pasta complete with oozing bechamel sauce and ragu, this is the must-have dish of the season for so many more delicious reasons.

In fact, the NY Times have us convinced that mousakka and enchiladas will be just at home in this generous vessel designed for sharing.

With its elegant body, rounded edges, polished stainless steel on the outside and satin on the inside, complete with a cherry wood and stainless steel cover, Lasagnera could be the talk of the table this season.

Design comes at a price, at 166 euros (199USD), but this one should be a keeper. Find out more information here.