Gelato World Cup 2018 in 12 Dishes


The 8th edition of the Gelato World Cup came to a close on 23 January with France being crowned this year's winner.

The win came after three testing days of team challenges, with Spain bagging second place and Australia third. The other teams competing included Argentina, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Morocco, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United States.

Each team was tasked with daily gelato challenges, with eight demanding trials in total, including: ice sculpture, a decorated gelato pan, gelato cake, an entrée competition of three hot finger foods combined with gourmet gelato and gelato snacks. The crowning glory was the Final Gran Buffet.

Here's a look at a spread of the cool gelato creations crafted in this 2018 competition, one from each competing country. For more visit gelatoworldcup.

France's "Decorated Cup" 

Spain's "Decorated Cup" 

Australia's "Decorated Gelato Pan"

Team USA's "Decorated Cup"

Team Ukraine's "Gelato Snack"

Team Switzerland's "Entrèe with Gourmet Gelato"

Team Poland's "Decorated Cup"

Team Morocco's "Decorated Cup"

Team Japan's "Decorated Cup"

Team Korea's "Flower Theme"

Team Brazil's "Decorated Gelato Pan"

Team Argentina's "Decorated Gelato Pan"