Flynn McGarry to Star in New Documentary: Chef Flynn


Flynn McGarry, the teenage cooking prodigy who is just 17 years old, is to feature in a new documentary called Chef Flynn.

The documentary, which will debut at Sundance Film Festival, focuses on the teenagers quick rise and the glaring media spotlight surrounding it.

McGarry was charging $150 for a 12-course dinner when he was just 15 and he started throwing his own dinner parties at home as young as 10. He worked at Alinea and Eleven Madison Park for small internships and threw a number of pop ups in New York and Chicago.

The documentary follows McGarry’s work throughout all this, his cover of the New York Times and, from the clip below, it seems it will also focus on how the entire journey impacted McGarry and his family.

Whatever your views, the kid’s got hardcore focus and resilience, even responding when he was called out by chef David Santos who said he was offended by how McGarry was being called a chef.

Take a look at the video below posted by Hollywood Reporter, we can’t wait for the full documentary.