Cooking with Honey: 10 Ways to Give your Food a Buzz


Whether giving a delicious glaze to meat, drizzled onto yoghurt or dipped in cheese. Honey as the natural way to give your food a buzz.

Here are ten ways to benefit fom that natural nectar in the kitchen, from wonderful dressings to sweetening cocktails and jams.


Cooking with Honey

1. Honey Glaze

Whether you want to make a succulent honey glazed ham or give a polished glaze to grilled pineapple skewers, honey is a natural when it comes to creating an irrresistable sweet sheen.

Try this recipe for honey glazed soy.

2. Honey Marinade

Want to really let a piece of meat absorb all those wonderful sticky, sweet flavours. Try whisking up a honey marinade to make your meat extra tender. Here are some more marinade ideas.

Try this recipe for Japanese chicken wings

3. Honey Dressing

Honey is just at home in a salad dressing balancing the acidity of mustard or vinegar and generously doused over salad leaves.

Try this recipe for a simple cobb salad made extra special with this honey dressing.

4. Honey In Jam

Instead of adding sugar to your home made jam try using honey in instead to retain all of that natural sweetness.

Try this recipe for honey and blueberry jam.

5. Honey With Cheese

Goat cheese, ricotta, blue cheese and Parmigiano Reggiano are just a few cheeses that pair perfectly with a drizzle of honey. From mild and creamy to aged and tangy, honey is great for adding another dimension or balancing out strong flavours. Try experimenting with different honeys and cheese to find your favourite pairing.

6. Honey With Fresh Yoghurt

Greek yoghurt or a thick fresh yoghurt drizzled with honey for breakfast, brunch or dessert is one of life's pleasures.

It's this simple: Greek yoghurt with honey.

7. Honey In warm drinks

Add a soothing and healthy element to warm drinks by sweetening them with a drizzle of melted honey to your taste.

Here's the recipe for winter punch with honey.

8. Honey in Cocktails

Get creative at the bar with the sweet nectar balancing out any bitter notes. Here are three unmissable recipes from Saveur.

9. In Baking

Honey and baking are a match made in heaven. Whether we're talking honey soaked Greek baklava or fig and orange honey cake.

Try this delicious recipe for Honey and walnut biscuits

10. Infused Honey

Take your honey up a gear by infusing it with lemon rinds, cinnamon or any of your favourite herbs and spices. Here's how.


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