Regis Marcon Tasked with Reforming Chef Apprenticeships in France


Despite the growing cooking craze, the sector is too often neglected when it comes to formal education. To reverse the trend, Jean-Michel Blanquer, the Minister of National Education in France, has tasked chef Regis Marcon with a mission.

Working alongside Céline Calvez, MP En Marche, the three Michelin-starred French chef from Le Clos des Cîmes has been allotted three months to draw up an inventory and make proposals to improve vocational training in the industry in France in a report to be delivered early next year.

"We need real reform, as far as the orientation of the young people is concerned, it is obvious that we often come into the business by default. You are good at school, you continue your general studies, as if it were. From the outset, many of us are far from our trades" lamented the chef. "The minister is very open to these changes, we want to think about vocational training, the baccalaureate, to ensure that there are bridges everywhere."

Even if the government didn't explain why it had appealed to Regis Marcon and not another chef, the man in question has an idea: "I conducted a [mission] 4 years ago on training in the hotel and restaurant trades, we have taken measures and I have training in this field. It is a duty when we see the volume of young people without training."

Although he has accepted this challenge, Regis Marcon refuses to be associated with a political party: "I am not in any party, but I have never hidden that I admire and support the work of our president. I met hime [at the Bocuse d'Or], we discussed these topics, but I don't think it comes from there. "