29 New Dishes from Gaston Acurio in 2017


Gaston Acurio is in full swing at the moment, after returning to his Astrid y Gaston kitchen in 2016, the Peruvian chef has totally reimagined the restaurant’s menu, introduced one of the best bread offerings in fine dining and, as you can see from the pictures below, kicked out a startling amount of new dishes.

We say startling because in a recent conversation with Acurio, we learned the chef has produced over 30 new dishes in 2017 for Astrid y Gaston alone - this does not take into account numerous other creations for his other restaurants which include a tiger milk bar, a Peruvian grill, a tavern and a Chifa place (Peruvian meets Chinese).

The new dishes includes a wonderful mix of Peruvian flavours weaved into all sorts of colourful creativity. As Acurio explained in a recent interview, “This year we celebrated two ideas, one was recognition to all the communities that have arrived to our country in the last 500 hundred years and mixed their food cultures with the ancient peruvian food culture. And the second was the imagination of communities that are just arriving such as Venezuelans, or others that didn’t arrive yet, like Thailand, Venice, Mexico, Sichuan, India, Morocco."

These new menu themes translate to all sorts of interesting dishes, tiradito, ceviche, goat tamale and Nikkei style sea urchin are just a few on the impressive list. One ceviche, ‘When We Ate All The Fish’, is served only with vegetables - an idea we discussed with Gaston back in 2016.

Below are 29 new creations from Astrid y Gaston in 2017, Acurio has worked alongside his new chef Juan David Ocampo and the award winning pastry chef, Astrid Gutsche, who created the desserts.

River shrimp tartare alfajor.

Egg with chorizo dimsum.

The Andes are melting.

Deep scallops Lima Genova.

“We have tired to imagine what could happened if these groups arrive one day and their food cultures joined ours. A nam pla sauce with huacatay peruvian herb, harissa sauce made with peruvian rocoto, or a tiradito made with sichuan flavours like the Mapo Tofu dish. As peruvians we want to send this message to the world. That in this moment where some people build walls of intolerance, there is a country, called Peru where everybody is welcome, where we embrace immediately their nostalgia, memories and soul in our food - where they will feel welcomed and part of our society.”

Mapo Tofu Chufa Tiradito.

Alpaca steak tartare. 

Sea scallop in love with a lucuma gnoqui.

Guinea pig bao.

Chicharron, sweet potato, quince and black beans on a quinoa tortilla. Taco Peru Loves Mexico.

Duck sanguche.

Ceviche when we ate all the fish.

Melon, proscuitto of bonito fish, parmigiano lech di tigre.

Leche di Tigre.

Octopus and Peruvian five pseudo cereals.

Red snapper, fideos in rocoto and crab parihuela broth. 

Snow high Andes tiradito. 

Tiradito latin lover.

Octopus tuttifrutti.

Peruvian arab community: Tune, quinoa tabbouleh, lima beans humus, aji panca harissa glazed bonito.

Rock and Rol Fish.

The guinea pig that thinks he's a peking duck.

Rabbit with aji amarillo cirry and jazmine quinoa.

Sea urchin a lo alfredo Nikkei.

Duck with rice cooked in banana leaf.

Goat tamale.


Figs from the Lima dessert.

Peruvian apple tarta de manzana - backed at the moment.

Chocolate barquillo.