16 Thoughts that Reveal the Dark Inner Monologue of a Narcissist

16 Thoughts that Reveal the Dark Inner Monologue of a Narcissist

Narcissism is defined as “an unhealthy focus on self that affects others in unhealthy ways.” These individuals put themselves before everyone else around them in all situations, focused entirely on what will benefit them most. If this means that they have to tear someone else down in the process, they aren’t even phased.

Sure, most people want to succeed in life. There is a healthy level of self-esteem and self-worth that will drive you to chase after your dreams, however, if you allow yourself to take it too far then you may find you are leaving a pile of bodies in your wake. These toxic individuals are masters of manipulation and deceit, viewing the world around them as a game and the people they come in contact with as mere pawns to do their bidding.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the mind of a narcissist for a single day? What thoughts cross their minds? How do they justify their less than compassionate decisions and actions?

Here is a glimpse into the mind of a narcissist with these 16 inner thoughts:

#1 – What steps can I take in order to redirect the attention to me?

Narcissists crave attention, and they will go to extreme lengths in order to ensure that the attention in the room is on them. This is like the fuel that keeps them running.

#2 – I don’t care about what they are trying to tell me, why are they wasting my time?

You may think that you can change the mind of a narcissist by reasoning with them, explaining the ways in which they are hurting others, or how they may approach a situation better. The truth is that narcissists don’t actually care, and will just be annoyed by your attempts.

#3 – Cross me and you will have an enemy for life.

One thing that you can be confident of when dealing with a narcissist is that they do NOT forgive easily. In fact, they are masters of holding a grudge, always looking for the next opportunity to pay it back to those who have crossed them in the past.

#4 – How can I twist this situation to work for me?

Narcissists are known for their ability to twist and manipulate situations and people in their constant efforts to move forward in their goals. They aren’t concerned with who they may hurt or what the long-term consequences may be.

#5 – I don’t actually know if I know everything BUT I’m not going to let them know!

Many experts in the world of psychology agree that narcissists share in one common struggle – they have low self-esteem, and to cope they act as though they are the best at everything, burying their self-doubt so that it goes unseen.

#6 – Everywhere I go, I am surrounded by stupid people.

Due to the fact they don’t believe that they could be wrong, narcissists find them believing that everyone that they encounter must be stupid. After all, how could you even begin to believe that someone else might know more than them?

#7 – I refuse to apologize when I have done nothing wrong.

As we have previously mentioned, narcissists believe that they have done no wrong. If they are never wrong, why would there be something to apologize for? For this reason, they don’t believe there is ever a time that they need to apologize.

#8 – I deserve it.

It doesn’t matter what ‘it’ is – Narcissists believe that they are entitled to everything in life. They don’t understand the idea that you have to work to get ahead, instead, they believe that they should be given everything in life on a silver platter just for being themselves.

#9 – How dare they question me?

Narcissists are easily offended. Simply questioning their decision is taken as a personal attack. They cannot handle constructive criticism or anything short of simply agreeing with their every move.

#10 – I know I’m right, even if they don’t.

In the world of a narcissist, there is no possibility that they are ever wrong. They are the judge and the jury – the final deciding force in what is right and what is wrong in the world.

#11 – I know what I need in life, and I will have it.

Narcissists are incredibly driven, always seeking the next thing that they need in life. The problem that they face is that they are never happy, regardless of how many of these ‘things’ they accomplish. They are always looking forward to the next goal.

#12 – And… Moving on…

Due to the fact that narcissists refuse to consider the feelings or well-being of anyone besides themselves, they don’t allow themselves to get attached to anything. If life isn’t going according to plan they are quick to move on – new partners, new friends, new hometown – nothing is sacred.

#13 – I will never forgive, and I definitely won’t forget!

It doesn’t matter if the thing you have done is something big or small if you have done anything to a narcissist know that they do not believe in forgiveness. You may not have actually done anything wrong, to begin with, however, if they view it that way you’re on ‘the list.’

#14 – I am going to make them pay!

If you have upset a narcissist be warned that they are masters of payback. They are in no big rush, willing to wait for that perfect moment to exact their revenge.

#15 – What are they honestly complaining about?

Narcissists believe that just being in someone’s life is a blessing as if they are granting them the gift of their presence. Due to this, they cannot comprehend how someone could possibly complain about anything that they may do.

#16 – Why can’t they see that they could be doing that better?

Not only do Narcissists believe that they know the best way to do everything, they also believe that everyone else is doing everything that they do wrong. This leads to them questioning and critiquing everyone else all the time. They can’t help but give advice.