15 of the Worst Restaurant Customers Ever



It's tough for chefs and servers to follow the mantra of the customer is always right, when presented with some of the idiocy below.

We're trawled the internet to find 15 of the worst restaurant customer stories around, from the hilarious to the downright creepy.

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The time at a country club where a 13-year-old boy snapped his fingers and said "clean it up" like I was a slave after he and his friend had thrown cupcakes with a ton of icing around during a food fight that I wasn't allowed to stop.


I had a woman change her baby on the table in the middle of dinner rush. My other two tables got up and left.

Mariner the Racoon

I serve at a corporate family restaurant while in college. A man in a Santa suit at my table pointed towards his crotch and said, “You can crawl under this table and be my ‘ho-ho-ho’.”

Brook Jones

An asshole once said to me (I was on my knees stocking lower shelves), “While you're down there…” and grabbed his crotch. I said, “Sorry; I don't have any tweezers with me.” He stomped out in a huff, while his buddies laughed hysterically, only at him instead of at me.

Katrina Itrab-Spooner

Had a BLT thrown at me (I was 15) because it had tomatoes on it. When I explained what BLT stood for he screamed, "BULLSHIT!," and stormed out. I'm guessing that the world is a confusing place for him.

Rio D. Ward

Woman asked for steamed broccoli for her child. The kitchen boiled the broccoli and I delivered it to the table. The woman noticed the difference, threw the broccoli at me and tells my manager I should be fired for such bad service.


I had a table of retired english teachers, all of whom I had when I was in high school. I didn't recognise them immediately, but they recognised me. I was one of the smartest kids in the school, but I was more interested in running off with my girlfriend. I made the remark that I didn't really attend that much, and my sister was the memorable one. I'm not sure who replied, but with such vitriol one of them quickly said, “so that is why you are working in a restaurant.”

Dalton Craft

"What the hell do you mean you don't have vegan mayo!!? I want vegan mayo on my egg salad sandwich!!"


Mike C Perez

I had a guy put a $20 on the table when I came to greet him and his wife and say "This is your tip. However, every time you do something wrong, I will remove a dollar." I thought he was joking, so I chuckled and asked "like what?" He takes the 20 off the table and replaces it with exactly $19. Who carries enough bills to do that? He responds with: "like that."

Miss Joey

I had a very large group of people come in 15 minutes before closing. They special ordered everything. Sang a very loud and animated rendition of Happy Birthday, gospel style. Asked me very awkward questions, and left no tip whatsoever.


It wasn't so much the order that was disturbing, but the post order request. He asked me to chew up the food and put it back onto his plate. No medical reason. No missing teeth. Not old. Just creepy as f***.


A disgruntled customer blew his nose all the way across his forearm sleeve in rebellion in front of a rude waitress.

Alan Doud

Had an entire 10 top at brunch request "nothing white'" in all of their dishes.

Tim Marbach

A table of 30 came in to the restaurant I cook at. The manager let us know so we at least had a heads up for the incoming, and very large order about to be placed. The waitresses take their orders and enter them in. Everyone on the line starts to bust their ass getting this food out. Seven minutes later, our manager comes back to tell us the table is leaving because we had apparently been taking too long.


A lady starting smoking crack at the table, and when confronted about it broke the hostess's nose.


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