12 Unbelievable Dishes from Mugaritz


The Mugaritz restaurant, run by chef Andoni Luis Aduriz, offers one of the most challenging and rewarding dining experiences available anywhere in the world.

Closed for four months every year to develop an entirely new menu, a menu that often clocks well into 40 new dishes each year, Mugaritz is a place where diners go to truly reflect on just how far cuisine can be pushed. How emotions can be shook by just one bite and how food on a plate can and does offer the chance for chefs to truly push the envelope of emotion.

In a wonderful, insightful and extremely revealing move, Mugaritz have recently released pictures of all these creations online, a beautiful selection that allows people to look back at the evolution of their cuisine, beginning in 1998 and running to 2017.

Below we’ve selected just a few of the wonderful images by photographer José Luis López de Zubiría - enjoy!

A sip of flowers and warm water

Roasted chicken

Aged mole leaves and bone marrow

Bread and Wine

Minestrone broth

Natto pie with palo cartado

Kiwi mushroom and peppers

Creamy 'criadillas'

Oyster frozen kiss

Snails in ceviche over frozen teff.

Creamy saffron beignet saffron

Pinecut Kagami