Survey Reveals France's Favourite Dish


The French have voted for the dish that best represents Gallic gastronomy, and the winner is: Boeuf Bourguignon.

The classic hearty stew of slow-cooked pieces of beef bathed in Burgundy red wine studded with succulent mushrooms, onions and bacon has been chosen as the epitome of the best of French gastronomy in a study by the Toluna Institute for Fondation Nestlé France.

The French family favourite picked up 23% of the votes in the survey of 1029 French, putting it well ahead of blanquette de veau (11%) and close third and bistro favourite, steak frites (10%), reports Le Parisien.

"This result is logical because these two first traditional dishes echo our culinary heritage and, at the same time, have comforting values," says Laurent Trochain, the Michelin starred chef at Restaurant Numbero 3 at Tremblay-sur-Mauldre (Yvelines). "They remind us of the simmered flavours of our childhood that we want to share with others around the world. "

The French nation are famous for their commitment to meal times with 80 percent of people in France still sitting down to lunch daily.

France's top 10 Dishes according to the survey:

1. Boeuf Bourguignon - find out all there is to know about cooking the classic dish here.

2. Blanquette de veau

3. Steak Frites

4. Cassoulet - find the recipe here.

5. Magret de Canard

6. Poulet Frites

7. Escargots

8. Cuisses de Grenouilles

9. Cote de Boeuf

10. Moules Frites