Michelin-Starred Chef Goes on Epic Rant Against Awards and Rankings



Christian Puglisi, the chef-owner of Copenhagen’s Michelin-starred Relae restaurant and a Nomaalum, has launched an epic rant against the proliferation of awards and rankings, claiming that he is tired of the constant need to size, rank and list “everything in this industry.”

Taking to Instagram, Puglisi, who's restaurant currently sits at number 39 on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list, was seemingly inspired by his inclusion on the recent Best Chef Awards' list of the world’s 300 best chefs, topped by Joan Roca.

For Puglisi, the announcement of another ranking was simply too much:

“I have grown so tired of this constant need to sizing, ranking and listing every single thing in this industry. It seems like a month can’t go by without some new list coming out that you need to relate to … things are getting ridiculous - let me all just remind you if you forgot for a moment. It’s about food. Cooked in restaurants. - it’s not sports, it’s not politics. It’s not about votes, it’s not about ratings. It’s about eating, living, cooking and kicking ass.”

While acknowledging that such awards have been good for his own business (and ego), Puglisi says he feels highly uncomfortable being pitted against his fellow chefs:

“Who the hell has the right to judge me or anyone else on a scale with thousands of other cooks that I might have a lot or absolutely nothing in common with...? As a person? As a chef? I have not entered an election as far as I know.”

The post has garnered over 2000 likes at time of writing, and a host of, largely supportive, comments.