How to Make Stock - 5 Great Video Recipes


Stock is important in the kitchen - it's the basis of soups, sauces, gravy and risottos and making a rich homemade stock can even set a great restaurant apart from a good one.

There are a number of different styles and ways to make stock and hundreds of different techniques. Here's a selection of videos to help you make your own stock at home, from chicken to beef and vegetable to veal.

How to make homemade stocks

How to Make Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is a classic stock to have on hand, as you can add to mostly anything. It’s great in soups, sauces and as an accent to potato, stuffing and rice dishes. Chicken soup just wouldn’t be the same without it.

How to Make Turkey Stock

Making turkey stock is a natural progression after Thanksgiving or Christmas. Watch this recipe for boiling up a tasty broth with the secret ingredient - a ham hock.

How to Make Beef Stock

Hearty and strong, beef stock makes a great base for stews. Beef stew also adds depth to French onion soup and braised meats. Veal stock is more delicate in flavor than beef stock, which makes it great for sauces. Use veal stock to deglaze pans and thin out creamy sauces. It also works well in soups.

How to Make Vegetable Stock

Light and delicate, vegetable stock can be used to substitute chicken, veal or beef stock and is ideal in soups and sauces. Watch David Kinch from 3 Michelin starred restaurant Manresa, at work in the video below on how to pump umami flavours into your veg broth.

How to Make Fish Stock

Fish stock is essential when cooking seafood. It can be made from virtually any fish or crustacean and adds loads of flavor to dishes. Fish stock is the soul of bouillabaisse. Watch the team at Chef Steps boil up a mean fish stock.