French "Le Fooding" Reveals its Guide for 2018


The avant-garde French restaurant guide, Le Fooding, has released its new edition for 2018, listing 800 different addresses in its characteristically playful and alternative classifications across the hexagon.

Taking the top spot in the annually released guide is Elements in Bidart, South West France by Yoann Bonniot, Anthony Orjollet and Benoit Berthail. "Bold, delicious, punk, precise and local food, this address resembles no other" enthused Alexandre Cammas, founder and director of the Fooding guide. There are plenty of other categories of hot spots listed around the hexagon below.

This 2018 ranking is much less "Parisian-centered" than in previous years plus the addresses take into account a wider view of French gastronomy: "20% of restaurants in this guide are in the hands of foreign chefs, including Japanese, Brasilian, American, Tunisian and British, all interpreting their love of French cuisine whilst incorporating their influences" explains the guide.

Le Fooding 2018 can be found in at newsstands in France for 9,90 euros or 12,90 euros for the premium version stocked by bookshops.

Here's a look at the list of the top named restaurants and bars in the new edition:


  • Meilleure table : Elements, in Bidart (Best Table)
  • Meilleur sophistroquet: Eels, in Paris ; Ima, in Rennes (Best sophistroquet)
  • Fooding d'amour: Vivant, in Paris ; Le Comptoir à manger, in Strasbourg ; Otonali, in Saint-Malo (Fooding Crush)
  • Meilleur rade : Le Rocher de la Vierge, in Toulouse (Best port side bistro)
  • Meilleur bar à délices : Le Bar des Prés, in Paris 
  • Meilleure paillote : Chez Lanchois, in Sète
  • Meilleure pizza : Da Graziella, in Paris (Best Pizza)
  • Meilleur sandwich grec : Yaya, in Saint-Ouen (Best Sandwich)
  • Meilleur bar d'auteur : Combat, in Paris (Best bar d'auteur)
  • Meilleur décor : Les Grands Verres, in Paris (Best Decor)
  • Meilleure chambre de style : Les Roches rouges, in Saint-Raphaël (Best Stylish Bedroom)