30 People Changing the Way You Eat


Forbes has published their annual list of the 30 Under 30 in Food and Drink. A list of 30 young people who they believe will shape the way we all eat and drink in 2018.

The list includes an eclectic collection of professionals from many different aspects of the culinary landscape. From franchise creators to focused chefs, tech startups disrupting the food chain to cookbook writers and recipe creators.

Quite a few on the people are working on initiatives to tackle the growing issue of food waste and sustainability.

Justine Kamine, 28, is the cofounder of the KDC AQ investment group. A company that actively works to invest in and create new companies and technologies that reduce food waste.

Benjamin Chesler, 25, is the cofounder of Imperfect Produce, a company that sells 'ugly' fruit and vegetables direct from farms to consumers for a discounted price.

Daniel Kurzrock and Jordon Schwartz are the founders of ReGrained featured for their efforts to turn the waste grains from brewing beer into 'super-grain bars'.

The list is also populated with chefs, restaurateurs and food producers who are influencing the food sphere. From ice-pops with half the sugar, to snacks made with tea, great coffee roasters and artisan tahini producers, the list is an interesting snap shot of what to look out for on the food horizon in 2018.

Below you can see the full list, visit Forbes to read more about every person on the 30 Under 30 in Food and Drink list.