This is What Europe's First Underwater Restaurant Will Look Like


Europe is to get its first underwater restaurant, where you'll be able to enjoy a meal in dining room submerged five metres under the waves.

Under will be located on Norway’s south coast and is designed by Snøhetta, the Oslo/New York-based architectural firm who helped Thomas Keller bring his $10 million kitchen dreams to life and who also worked on Barr, the new restaurant inside the old Noma space in Copenhagen.

With space for close to 100 covers, Under's main feature will be a 36-foot panoramic widow looking out into the water. There will also be Champagne bar between the entrance and sub-aquatic dining room, where you can enjoy a glass of fizz before disappearing below the surface.

To ensure diners don't feel claustrophic, special attention wil be paid to lighting, and natural materials used throughout. The buildings thick walls will protect against whatever the sea has to throw at it.

Part restaurant project, part marine research centre outside of opening hours, the hope is that the concrete shell of the building will become a full blown artificial mussel reef that will attract further marine life.

Take a look at some renders below. Construction is due to begin February 2018, with a view to opening in early 2019.

Perhaps the most famous underwater restaurant in the world is Ithaa in the Maldives, while you could recently dine underwater in a pod in a pool in Belgium – you had to scuba dive to get there though. It looks like you'll be able to stay a lot drier at Under.

All images: MIR/Snøhetta