Restaurant Owner Has Brutal Response to Customer Review


Some chefs and restaurant owners choose not to respond to online customer reviews, some will reply to those they feel merit a response in a measured, but firm fashion, and some, if they feel they’ve been wronged will just let rip.

The owner of a bar-restaurant in North West England is definitely the latter. Mike Atkinson of theOxton Bar & Kitchen in Birkenhead took umbrage to a review on Trip Advisor by user Wilkin316, which claimed a waitress had been “badgering” “irritating” and “bullying” him throughout his time there, and Atkinson's response, posted on Facebook, was brutal.

“Oh Wilkin316 how will I survive if you never grace us with your loathing hateful presence again. I was there to witness the atrocious behaviour of [the waitress] greet you and ask if you were eating or drinking, how dare she attempt to determine your needs. And when you sat there for 45 minutes before ordering your 2 portions of average chips and an omelette, I was as shocked as you that she dared inquire if you were ready to order more than once. I've reprimanded her severely and ensure she will never offer any of you anymore drinks again. Please don't die a slow and painful death. All my love and remorse, Mike x”

It’s not quite as masterful as this chef takedown of an unhappy customer, but the owner obviously felt aggreived by what he sees as a deliberately spiteful review.

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