Learn how to Cook Meat like an Italian


Osso bucco, chicken cacciatore, orange-scented entrecĂ´te with pancetta, veal polpettine meatballs and Roman spring lamb ... if this sound's like your idea of delicious, read on!

Recipes from an Italian Butcher is the newly released cookbook that'll teach you how to make all these Italian classics plus many more - all courtesy of Silver Spoon, one of the world's most trusted authorities on Italian Cuisine, straight from a country that knows how to cook.

Infact, there's no chance of going hungry, the authoritative guide totals 150 easy to follow recipes, all dedicated to preparing meat the Italian way, maximising both technique and flavour whether tackling lamb, beef, veal, pork, poultry or game.

To make it even simpler, the focus is on just three methods of cooking meat - roasting, stewing, and braising - giving you the chance to nail each of them and maximise those characteristic Italian flavours.

It's not all meat, there's also a temping selection of side dishes like peas with pancetta, courgette ribbons with pink peppercorns, and delicate peperonata to add balance to your table and satiate any vegetarian guests.

Sensibly, there are also plenty of practical tips and guidance on the Italian, American, and British cuts of meat making it a user friendly guide to dip into wherever you are are, and ensure that you're speaking the same lingo as your local butcher.

Pick up a copy from Phaidon and channel your inner Italian chef.