Bottura Makes Food Waste Delicious in 'Bread is Gold'


Bread is Gold is the new cooking book from iconic Italian chef Massimo Bottura, due for release on 6 November by Phaidon, making it the second from the chef from Osteria Francescana, in the wake of "Come With Me" (Never Trust A Skinny Italian Chef).

While Bottura's name signs the book, it could as easily have read "Massimo Bottura & Friends." Infact, Bottura managed to enlist as many as forty-five international top chefs to collaborate in the over 150 recipe strong book including - Daniel Humm, Alain Ducasse, Ferran AdriĆ  and the Roca brothers.

Much in the same collaborative spirit as Bottura's hands on social waste enterprise project, "Refettoria Ambrosia," the book captures and shares the knowldege of these great chefs with a wider audience. At the heart of every recipe runs the same theme: how easy it is to make economical and delicious dishes using waste food.

Infact, the title dish "Bread is Gold" captures the essence of his project and doubles up as an ode to Bottura’s grandmother - a recipe made of bread crumbs, warm milk and sugar. There's also Rene Redzepi on popcorn pesto, Teriyaki burgers by Yoshihiro Narisawa and Rice Pudding by Ferran & Albert AdriĆ  and much more.

So, if you find yourself feeling guilty about throwing out stale bread and still edible odds and ends, dip into these chef tips and you might just transform them into a delicious meals and do your bit for the planet instead. As Bottura reminds us: "These dishes could change the way we nourish the planet, because they can be cooked by anyone, anywhere, at any budget. To feed the planet, you first have to fight the waste."

Watch: Massimo explain how to extend the life of bread.

You can pre-order Bread is Gold here.